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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook out

Earlier this year, Target announced its exclusive collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. Today, a lookbook of the over 250 items was released. Feast your peepers on the plenitude of preppy provisions, available in stores and online April 19th.

Fran Lebowitz hates your yoga pants

Writer, actress, raconteur, and professional crankybritches Fran Lebowitz recently sat down with Elle's Kathleen Hale to expound on the many ways fashion and culture disappoint her today. For Lebowitz, who is known for her personal uniform of a jacket, a man's dress shirt with cufflinks, Levi's 501s and bespoke wingtip cowboy boots, the world and one's fashion choices are pretty straightforward. Lycra is Bad and drag queens are Good.

She shares some true enough stuff: "Clothes don't really fit you unless they're made for you."

And: "People care more about trends now than they do about style."

But once she gets wound up, Lebowitz goes full-on Larry David...

She will not be embracing this year's early Seventies redux: "The first time I ever saw platform shoes in the '70s, I knew they'd been revived from the '40s, and I felt sickened. And for whatever reason, they keep getting revived. They've come back four times. I wish we could let them die. They want to die."

Mood boards are the Devil's easel: "Designers now, they all have these things called mood boards. I suppose they think a sense of discovery equals invention. It would be as if every writer had a board with paragraphs of other writers—'Oh, I'll take a little bit of this, and that, he was really good.' Yes, he was really good! And that is not a mood board, it is a stealing board."  

You had better look damn good if you're going to sport "athleisure": "All these clothes that you see people wearing, the yoga clothes—even men wear them!—it's just another way of being in pajamas. You need more natural beauty to get away with things like that."

You'd better check yourself before you wreck yourself: "If you walked around New York you would think there was a terrible mirror famine. There might be drought here, a wheat famine there, but in New York you have a mirror famine. Because everything people wear, you have to assume they bought it."

And the world would be a prettier place with a sprinkle of cross-dressing glamour: "Can you imagine if women tried as hard as drag queens? We'd be a much more attractive culture."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Euro IKEAs are holding out on us

Nipprig side table.

The Euro and the British pound are tanking against the American dollar, so now is the time to take on Europe! Let's fly over and pick up all of the goodies exclusive to European IKEAs. Head on over to Pinterest to check out the flatpack fabulousness: IKEA UK, IKEA Portugal, IKEA Netherlands.

Nipprig armchair.

 Nipprig storage box.

Nipprig shade.

Nipprig lounger.

Villstad chair.

Stadigt pillow cover.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Six Pier 1 items that don't suck

 Corinne dining chair, $249.95.

Three years ago, I wrote a couple of posts (here and here) that were to be the start of a regular series. But the best laid plans of snark and decorating often go awry. Then a few weeks back I was on an Anthropologie forum when a question came up as to where to find Anthro-looking home items at a much lower price. I was having a good chuckle at women who are willing to pay $329 for shredded jeans but who thought shelling out $998 for a really fab accent chair was akin to a wallet hijacking. One commenter even suggested Pier 1 Imports because they totes look JUST LIKE Anthro at a fraction of the cost.

While I have my fun with Anthropologie, it's actually one of the first places I head for unique, well-made home furnishings. As opposed to Pier 1, which is one of the last places I'd seek out. Pier 1 is where your insurance agent's admin shops when she's given a $150 budget to redecorate the office bathroom. It's a world bazaar as imagined by people who have never actually left the U.S.

While masturbating scrolling through Pinterest last night, I stumbled across the dining chair above and thought "Hold up - That's Pier 1?!?" Perhaps, the Chico's of home decor has undergone a creative renaissance. Maybe the font of all things Shabby Tuscan was reinventing itself and leaving the goofiness behind. Yeah, no.

But what I did find was a handful of pieces, reasonably-priced and well-designed. And they just might pass for Anthro if you've had a drink or four from your Colorful Daisy Painted Goblet.

 Artisanal Geometric Patch pillow, $39.95.

Target could probably do this for 25% less, but this is 100 times better than Pier 1's regular cracked-out suzani fare.

Sora dining table, $499.95.

Blogger-approved Tolix legs and a medium wood finish. It's the perfect starter kitchen table or budget desk.

Denim Ogee rug, $329.95-$649.95.

If you're ready to toss the chevron rug, here's a pretty replacement with an on-trend strié happening.

 Hudson marble cheese board, $49.95.

If you told me this was Crate & Barrel, I wouldn't bat an eye.

Sunset lamp, $99.

This is the one piece that comes closest to something you'd find balanced atop a $4500 vintage French "found" washstand at Anthropologie. Of course, the twee cardstock hangtag hand-tied with artisanal butcher string would read $499.

Monday, March 23, 2015

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